An ideal domain for someone looking to collect leads in the services space.

See Error Code website

Buy this unique domain name that lists common error codes that people search for when their appliances have broken.

Right Now

Each listing gives a brief description of the error and then suggests getting in contact to book a service call.

Grow This

There are a number of listings on the site (heaters for now) but the potential to scale into other appliances is huge! Most error codes and fixes on the internet are in pdf. form or hidden in forum posts. By making it super simple to find the error code, you’ll be found through SEO and can start building up leads for technicians. To scale this, you can partner with repair technicians to pay you a fixed amount per referral or you could ask people if they’re considering a change of appliance and then sell these higher-priced jobs to installers.

Get in contact to discuss further monetisation options.

Great For

This site would suit an appliance repair or appliance servicing business based in Australia. This would also suit a lead generation business looking to sell qualified leads to Australian trades businesses.



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